Cupping Therapy Gone Wrong: My Painful Journey to Recovery


My experience with cupping therapy gone wrong was incredibly painful and traumatic. I had heard of cupping therapy as a natural form of healing and thought I would give it a try. Little did I know, this decision would lead me down a difficult road of recovery. In this blog post, I will share my story of cupping therapy gone wrong and my painful journey to recovery.

My Experience with Cupping Therapy

As someone who has always been interested in alternative therapies and holistic health practices. I was excited to try cupping therapy. I had read about its many potential benefits, including improved circulation, pain relief, and relaxation. So, when a friend recommended a local practitioner, I decided to give it a try.

At first, the session seemed like a typical massage experience. The therapist used heated cups to create suction on various areas of my back. and I felt a warm, tingling sensation. However, as the session progressed, the pressure became increasingly intense. I began to feel sharp pains and burning sensations that left me feeling uncomfortable and uneasy.

Despite my discomfort, I trusted the practitioner and assumed that the pain was a necessary part of the therapy. So, I gritted my teeth and endured the remainder of the session.

Little did I know that the pain I felt during the session was just the beginning of my cupping therapy nightmare.

The Painful Aftermath of Cupping Therapy

After a few days of experiment. I began to experience intense pain and discomfort in the areas where the cups had been placed. I noticed dark red marks and bruises on my skin, which looked like large hickeys. The pain was so intense that I had trouble sleeping and could barely move my neck and shoulders.

I had heard that some soreness and bruising after cupping therapy was normal. but this was more than I had anticipated. I began to worry that something had gone wrong with my treatment and that I had injured myself.

I did some research and spoke with other people who had tried cupping therapy. I learned that while some bruising and discomfort were expected. it was important to be cautious and only try cupping therapy with a qualified and experienced practitioner. I realized that I had not done enough research before trying cupping therapy. and I had trusted my health to someone who may not have been fully trained in this ancient practice.

Seeking Medical Attention and Recovery

As the days passed after my cupping therapy session, the pain and discomfort only intensified. I knew I needed to seek medical attention. as I could barely move my neck without excruciating pain shooting down my back.

At the hospital, the doctors confirmed my worst fears – I had severe burns and blisters on my skin. and the cupping therapy had caused nerve damage. I was put on a strict treatment plan that included medication, physical therapy, and wound care. It was a long and painful journey to recovery, and I was forced to take time off work and cancel important plans.

It has been several months since my cupping therapy incident, and I am happy to say that I have made a full recovery. However, the experience has left a lasting impression on me, and I am more cautious when it comes to alternative therapies. The bottom line is that while these therapies can be helpful, they can also be dangerous if not administered correctly. It is important to take all necessary precautions and prioritize your safety and well-being.

The Importance of Proper Research and Consultation

After experiencing the excruciating pain and negative side effects of cupping therapy gone wrong, I can’t stress enough the importance of conducting proper research and seeking professional consultation before trying alternative therapies.

It can be tempting to seek out alternative therapies to alleviate pain or discomfort, especially when conventional treatments have not worked. However, it’s crucial to approach alternative therapies with caution and awareness of potential risks.

Before trying any alternative therapy, it’s essential to do your research and gather information about the treatment. its potential benefits and risks, and any potential side effects. It’s also important to consider any underlying health conditions or medications that may affect the therapy’s effectiveness or interact with the treatment.

Consultation with a qualified healthcare professional, such as a doctor, chiropractor, or licensed therapist. is also crucial before trying any alternative therapy. They can assess your individual needs, provide expert advice, and monitor any side effects or adverse reactions.

Taking these precautions can help avoid potential harm or injuries from alternative therapies and ensure a safe and effective healing journey. Remember, your health is your priority, and it’s always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to trying alternative therapies.


Cupping therapy may seem like an easy and painless way to alleviate muscle pain and tension. but as I have learned firsthand, it can have disastrous consequences if not done properly. It is crucial to research and consult with trained professionals before undergoing any kind of alternative therapy.

My experience has taught me that sometimes, even seemingly harmless alternative treatments can lead to severe complications. I am grateful for my recovery and am more careful when considering any form of alternative treatment in the future.

If you have experienced any pain or discomfort following cupping therapy or any alternative treatment, seek medical attention immediately. Remember, your health and safety are the top priority. and it is essential to make informed decisions when it comes to your body.

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